As homeowners look to keep things around longer during an economic recession, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers five tips to help maintain carpet and keep it looking newer for longer – saving time and money.

Keep the soil off of your carpet. The most economical way to keep your carpet clean is to keep it from getting dirty by using walk off mats. Walk off mats are vastly underappreciated and rarely utilized properly by homeowners.

Vacuum regularly. There is no step more important to preserving the appearance and long term usefulness of your carpet than regular vacuuming. Gravity and repeated foot traffic cause abrasive soil particles to fall below the surface of the carpet pile where they will damage carpet fibers. Vacuum heavy traffic areas daily. Areas that are not heavily trafficked may be vacuumed two or three times a week.

Remove spots before they become stains! Today’s carpet resists spills better than ever. But even the best carpet isn’t truly stain proof. To prevent permanent spills or costly professional stain removal services, act quickly when spills occur. Most liquid spills can be removed completely with absorbent cloths or even simple paper towels. Remove any solid material in the spill by gently picking out the material, then scraping with light pressure. All liquids should be blotted with downward pressure, and never, ever rubbed.

It’s OK to clean it yourself if you can. Professional carpet cleaners will always be able to remove more soil and stains that you can yourself. However, if budget or circumstances demand that you try to clean your own carpet, remember to use products made for carpet, don’t use too much detergent and don’t get the carpet too wet.

Call a professional. Why spend the money to call a cleaning professional? Professional carpet cleaners who are trained and certified have the know how to remove spots and stains that would otherwise be permanent. Such individuals also have invested in equipment that is more powerful and that can remove soil that rental or consumer purchased machines cannot.

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