It’s every party host’s worst nightmare: friends and family celebrating and toasting when a guest accidentally spills a glass of red wine on a beautiful carpet. Before the stain ruins the night, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends a few key steps for removal. 

How can the stain be prevented from becoming permanent?
• Act fast
• Fill a cup with warm – not hot – water and add two to three drops of laundry detergent, preferably clear, for better penetration and distribution
• Saturate the spot with about half the solution, blot the excess with paper towels – not colored napkins – repeat the saturation process and blot some more
• Rinse with some warm water and blot again
• Forget the myth … pouring white wine on a red wine stain will not remove it. Pouring water on the stain and blotting thoroughly does the same thing with fewer residues in the carpet

There may be a little soil attracted to the damp spot before the party’s over, but that’s relatively easy to remove the next day. Make sure that the damp spot doesn’t create a slip/fall problem if guests will be walking off the spot onto a hard surface floor
What if the spill goes unnoticed and is allowed to dry and stain the carpet?
• Try a little test area with the warm detergent water solution to see if it responds
• If the carpet is fairly new or only subject to light traffic, the stain may be easily removed with the above process
• Remember that strong, especially alkaline detergents can remove the protective treatments and allow the stain to become permanent
Never use bleach to remove the stain, since it’s likely that carpet’s color will be removed as well
• If the stain can’t be removed with a water and detergent solution, contact a certified professional cleaning service to remove the red wine
• Certified professionals have a variety of specialized agents and techniques to remove most spots and stains without damage to carpet
• After cleaning, they can re-apply the protective coating to maintain high levels of soil and stain resistance

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